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Friday 23 April 2010

Sasha Grey Will Blow Your Mind, Among Other Things.

Last night, I watched 'The Girlfriend Experience,' directed by Steven Soderbergh ('Erin Brockovich', 'Traffic', 'Oceans Eleven'). The film was excellent - some beautiful cinematography, great performances and subtle directorial touches. I usually like Soderbergh's work - I always forget to name him when talking about directors - but when I remember, I check out his work and tend to enjoy it. He's known for doing 'one for them, one for me' - i.e. for every big studio picture, like 'Ocean's Twelve', he does a smaller, more personal project, like 'The Girlfriend Experience.'

Most of all though, I was blown away by Sasha Grey's performance. And I was eager to find more work by her. This is where I am incredible naive and stupid. It turns out, she has had a lot of jobs. She's worked pretty hardcore for many years. Pretty hardcore. This is where I make a complete ass of myself because it would seem I am the only person unaware of her interesting career. For example, she was won multiple awards, for example: 'Best Three Way Sex Scene' and 'Best Group Sex Scene' at the 2007 AVN Awards.

I found all this out after googling 'Sasha Grey Clips'. Let's just say, I now realize this is an incredibly popular search term and, in my naivity and innocence, I was unaware of the onslaught of material I was to be presented with.

This wonderful actress; I thought she had a lot of talent, I just didn't expect to find those types of talents. I was thinking I'd find some interesting short films, maybe a bit of TV work (which meant television, for me, but in her line of work I now realize, it means something else). How strange! I guess, on the plus side, she's up for doing things most actresses aren't, or at least, don't mention on their Resumes.

I hope she does some more, shall we say, traditional acting - although, I think there are a lot more people out there who hope that she sticks to what she's used to.


  1. lol gotta say the double entendre in the beginning of the article was hysterical.

    Yup, Sasha Grey is THE GIRL in porn right now. She loves porn and considers herself a porn artiste in a sense. She's married as well. Very interesting young lady. (read one of her interviews if you haven't already...)


  2. She's got a lot of nerd cred, playing a Vulcan in a porn parody, and has at least once played D&D :-) Maybe we'll see her in a sci fi or superheroine role soon?

  3. Great headline, made me laugh. I like Soderberg a lot and this movie a lot too but he's such a pure, honest and inventive film technician that I sometimes end up admiring his work more than I like it (Che for example), but ya this is a really good movie.

  4. She impressed me too, but then, I knew of her career from the press releases already. plus, Sasha Grey just screams porn name.

  5. I'm not sure Sasha Grey, the name, screams out porn name...maybe Miss Rose Palms, Miss Dominic Trix or Miss Virginia Hyman....but Sasha Grey seems pretty normal to me, Simon. :)

    Agree with Mike....terrific headline.

  6. I interviewed her last year. She seems like a pretty smart and determined young lady, and it'll be interesting to see how she develops her career from this point.

  7. She's in Season 7 of Entourage as Vince's on-off girlfriend. She does a good job playing herself. Check it out.

  8. Ha ha. More power to Sasha Grey as she tries to go mainstream, but some parents in Compton, where Ms Grey was reading to the kiddies, are afraid that some of them little tykes might unwittingly do exactly as you did.