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Thursday 4 February 2010

Making Friends -- a chance to get to know you all!

I was thinking today about how so many of you follow this blog now, and how many hits the blog gets - its growth has been amazing to me. But even with you regular commenters, I know so little about you!

I'd love to know more about you all! So, if you have the time, please answer these three questions in the comments.

1. What work do you do?

2. What are your hopes and dreams?

3. What makes you smile?

I'm excited to hear from you all!


  1. Hello!

    I work in publishing. Not that exciting, it's academic and mostly over my head.

    To be happy. Yeah cheesy but there you go. Oh and to one day own a chocolate labrador named Blue.

    Anything slapstick. I am easily amused. And someone making me a cup of tea I didn't ask for.

  2. I´m doing science, but are also interested in film and musics. Propz Pilgrim

  3. Hey Kid!

    1. What work do you do?

    By day, I'm an assistant purchaser and blog editor for a cabinet company. By night I'm a struggling poet trying to get my book on silent film published. You can get a feel for it at my blog, Silent Stanzas:

    2. What are your hopes and dreams?

    Being published. Finding my way to the sweet spot of life. Having a bathtub that doesn't drip.

    3. What makes you smile?

    Buster Keaton movies, always. Photos of Clara Bow. Velvet the Wonder Cat. Happy children. Knowing each day is a fresh new start.

    Glad to meet you!
    Jen ^_^

  4. Hello other kid blog fans!

    I work in Financial Services for a business bank. International wires, opening accounts, folowing federal regulations, that sort of thing. On my own, the work I do is writing. I write poems, short stories, work on character development and scene description.

    Hopes and dreams are my life! I dream of being a full time writer, of living somewhere in a big city with friends who understand and suppport what I do, I dream of a world where my being in it makes a difference. I hope to live a life that is full of experiences and not things. "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

    This blog makes me smile. It's funny in the way 'Frasier' is funny. Creative genius.

    Other smiles I get are from little things I notice. An old lady gathering her mail, a bird flying parallel to a landing plane, the way the snow falls on my eyelashes, a song that pops up on my Ipod the describes how I'm feeling at that moment, a flower in the middle of a sidewalk.

  5. awwww this is pretty nice :]

    1. What work do you do? i'm a student and majoring in nursing ^_^

    2. What are your hopes and dreams? to be the best nurse EVER! LOL!

    3. What makes you smile? simple things.

  6. 1: Projectionist.

    2: To make a living doing something I love.

    3: The absurdity of existence.

  7. Just discovered your site, really dig it, man. Awesome stuff.

    1. Youth advisor for out-of-school teens in NY, self-proclaimed film critic.

    2. To be my own boss, own a pool table, have Peter Travers' job.

    3. Lots of stuff, my little brother's the first thing that comes to mind though.

    Keep up the great work, man. Looking forward to following you.

  8. 1. What work do you do?
    At the moment I am unemployed, but am hoping to start work as a production assistant in a small documentary production company in March.

    2. What are your hopes and dreams?
    I want to work and tell stories (in any shape or form) and learn about the world, see as much as possible! The idea is that when I am on my deathbed, I will be able to leave this Earth knowing that I have really LIVED my life.

    3. What makes you smile?
    So many things! Too many things! Small kids, chocolate, music, family, friends, animals, creepy people (then it's the awkward smile as I try to escape...) etc. etc.

  9. 1. I'm a freshman in High School, and I have a job at my grandparent's store as a gunsmith.

    2. My dream is to be a musician, and to be as influential on people as the other greats - Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, etc.

    3. I smile at lots of things - my friends reminding me why they're my friends, listening to something new, and of course - seeing a great film!

  10. 1. What work do you do?
    I'm a student/journalism major. Also a film nerd who finds your voice unique enough to stand out in the mass amount of film writing that spreads throughout the web everyday. I don't comment but I've been following the blog for a long time.

    2. What are your hopes and dreams?
    Want to be a journalist (hopefully one that gets to write/talk about film). That is of course if there still is film critics/criticism by the time I graduate...

    3. What makes you smile?
    The conversation that happens after walking out of a movie theater.

  11. 1. write for a living; scripts for tv, articles for ngos, copy editing, research work
    2. to write that number one best seller and a script that makes people go wow, fantastic! and travel/explore the world, far and wide
    3. coffee in the morning, another smile, a butterfly on a flower, a flower on a stem, a new friend, things like that :)

  12. Wow - this is great! You're all so interesting! Everyone is so passionate and excited about life, I feel privileged to know all of you.

    Also slightly intimidated by the writing talent! Will make sure to check my grammar more from now on ;)

    Kujo - thanks for commenting when you normally don't, it's great to meet you :) And thanks for the complimentary words.

    Boyd - do you have any music we could hear?

    teabelly - i always make people unexpected tea.

    abby - i'm sure you will be the best nurse, you sound so excited by it :)

  13. I am a first year University student, English Major.

    I want to write: everything - plays, novels, screenplays. I'll see how it goes.

    Friends, and FRIENDS (the comedy) and my nephew.

  14. 1) actor, writer, photographer, professional spaz.

    2) to change the world for the better by being an active participant in its growth and health.

    3) what DOESN'T make me smile - dark humor, wet babies, blowing bubbles, chocolate croissants, kind sarcasm, picnics, traveling, the city, the country, Star Wars... (I could go on and on)

  15. 1. Post Production Assistant for a bunch of HGTV shows.

    2. To see something I wrote in a public theater, or to get at least one sketch on the air as part of SNL.

    3. This blog, and its commenters.

  16. 1. Actress who does a little bit of writing on the side.

    2. I want to make a living as a performer. I want to raise my kids to appreciate the differences in others and to experience life beyond these 50 states of ours.

    3. My family, good tv, small children- really there are so many things that make me smile- these are just top of mind.