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Saturday 9 January 2010

Helping You with Your Creative Projects.

For the next week - I am going to open myself up to assisting you with your creative projects. If you need some advice on a script, or maybe you're angry with yourself because writers block keeps appearing, or maybe you're having trouble motivating your crew on set, or you're panicking because you can't find a location --- I will help you out. This week, it's about YOU.

From this Sunday until next Sunday - I am here to help you, for free, on your projects.

My particular skills are: Screenwriting, Directing, and helping inspire creativity through tools of psychotherapy and psychology that I have been privileged to learn by being involved with the work of some wonderful people - along with some theories and ideas that I have made up myself, that may only work for me, who knows.

But even if it's something more simple - like you need help casting a good actor, or you need help figuring out what camera to shoot on, or you need help deciding what wallpaper to get. Email me - I plan to be a soldier on your side for the next seven days.

This should be fun.



  1. Get me an agent, there, Kid, would you? And, um, a big publishing deal..

  2. Well I didn't quite mean I'll do all your work for you.

  3. oh man... if only i met you months ago when i had english :[

    also, thank you for the comment! im glad to know that people appreciate my work !

  4. Ah, you're on Twitter. I'll follow you then. I'm sure I need help from you, I just don't know what sort exactly. Can you help with that?

  5. Mr London Street, yes, let's unravel that mystery!

  6. I live and love in Wisconsin, have no intention of ever moving to L.A. (visits aren't out of the question though) and have every intention of succeeding in this biz.

    Lost cause?

  7. Jeff - definitely!

    A good script is a good script, wherever it's written. A good film is a good film wherever it's made. And film is barely over a hundred years old - there's no need to believe any reason why anything in film can't be done.