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Friday 8 January 2010

2010 Weblog Awards - Please Vote For Me!

When I was seven, I came third in and egg and spoon race. How I did this, I don't know - considering I was only one of two entrants. My point is, aside from that, I've never really won anything or been nominated for anything - apart from the time my friends grouped together to buy me a plastic Academy Award.

Anyways, my friend Tina over at The Clean White Page nominated me in the 2010 Weblog awards in the 'Best Entertainment Weblog' category. After feeling humbled by the fact anyone would even think of me, I immediately went to ask Tina "Where is my prize? How much is it? Do I get to go on a cruise?" -- but I soon found out that this is just the beginning. I need to campaign to get nominated - it's based on how many votes a blog gets.

So, I was hoping you guys, my wonderful readers; would cast a vote my way. All you need to do is go to and cast three votes, for three different blogs - and just make sure that you vote for me, under 'Best Entertainment Blog'

I do this blog because I love movies and I love sharing my passion for them with all of you, I don't think I've ever asked for anything in return (except for sex, from all my female readers, but I've never gotten any so you can't hold it against me...) so on this one occasion, it'd be great if you could nominate me. I've always felt there should be a bigger readership here, a bigger community - and you can help make that dream a reality by taking a moment to vote for me, and maybe for my friend Tina at the Clean White Page too (in the best writing category)

So - it's and the Kid In The Front Row Blog, - in the 'Best Entertainment Weblog' category.

The deadline is on the 12th - so please do this immediately.. (and I'm talking to you guys who subsribe to this in your emails too - you can really help make a difference)

Thank you all - and sorry for selling out and begging for your help!

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  1. Best of luck! Yours is the only film blog I read, but you're also a cracking writer (as I suspect you already know).