Sunday 20 December 2009

Brittany Murphy - and her performance in 'Spun'

Brittany Murphy really stood out for me in 'Spun' - a film I saw on a whim one night with two of my friends. I remember us getting to the cinema, having no idea what to see, and settling on Spun, knowing nothing about it. I also remember that we were alone in the cinema - and guess where we sat? You guessed it, in the front row. In fact, we sat on the floor - leaning back on the front row seats, and staring up at the screen. Murphy's performance really got me.

Murphy is great in it because she gets to be funny, attractive, unattractive, insane, silly, weird. She gets to be many things. The film was full of over-acting, but within the context of the film, it worked. Murphy was the best of the bunch (along with Mickey Rourke, one of my favourite roles of his).

I also found Brittany extremely sexy, despite her being completely fucked out of her head on drugs and looking completely rough for most of the movie. She pulled it off. Or maybe I just like them battered, rough, and high as a kite.

And it's a shame, because she never captured me in the same way again, acting-wise or sexy-wise.. and I don't really know where she's been the last few years. Whenever I did see her she looked pretty thin, unhealthily so - and I've not seen her on the screen in quite a while.

RIP Brittany Murphy.

Care to share?


  1. I liked her the best in "Uptown Girls".

  2. I think she worked best in "8 Mile", with that similar sort of damaged, dangerous, dirty, yet exceptionally appealing demeanour. She made a basically unsympathetic character strangely likeable.

  3. i've seen her here and there, but i dont think i've seen any movies where she was the lead actor. its so sad that she passed away. so young.

  4. I only saw her in Clueless. Great performance review!

  5. I super super agree, her performance is to forever remember. We luv you Britt