Friday 9 October 2009

What projects are you working on?

I've had a great week, meeting lots of interesting people and finding out about their projects, so I wanted to bring that energy to the blog. It's a chance to open things up to all of you, to learn a bit more about you and the projects you're working on. Whether you're working on a script, or a book, or on losing weight, or on world peace--- please share.

1. What are you working on?
2. Why is it important to you?

Look forward to finding out.

Care to share?


  1. I'm currently writing a script for my first short film. Hopefully I will be able to submit it to some festivals and get some positive feedback on it. It's about the impact of first love and I think it has a shot to be pretty good.

  2. I'm working on a painting, some drawings, prints, a few blog posts and, ironically, world peace.

  3. I'm also working on a short. Filming starts tomorrow! Hoping things turn out well!

    And it's important to me for many reasons. It's my graduating piece, but more than that it's about something I experienced in my own life that I am hoping people will be able to relate to and find inspiring in any small or large way.

  4. Well, I'm workin on some of the last translations of the upcoming issue of Bak Magazine... Besides that I'm trying to find a permanent home for the little one-eyed kitty that I found on the street... wish me luck for both pls ^^

  5. I'm currently in post-production for a web series entitled 'The Puzzle Maker's Son', which I hope to premiere the first season in early 2010. Tomorrow I'm shooting some exteriors for transition shots in the series.

  6. Danny, that sounds great! Do you have any more details? First love is such a great topic to write a script about - all the pain, hope and possibilities of life are contained in first loves, amazing subject!

    Kate - your work is always so inspired and lovely; we need to think of a way to get it out into the public more. I think it would inspire people!

    HJP - wow, you must be shooting as I type this! Keep us informed! I'm glad it's something that personally happened to you. I think the more invested you are in a story, the more truthful they are. Are you going to show us some screenshots or anything?

    Hey Nora -- what is Bak Magazine? My Aunt just got a little cat; is the most adorable thing ever. And I was never really a cat person. I hope you find a good home for it!

    Michael - great that you're keeping at it, as always. Although, you need to tell us why 'The Puzzle Makers Son' is important to you!

  7. I'm working on an array of projects. Top priority is my first feature film, a bit of a psychological thriller set in a post apocalyptic world, and a couple of TV series/serial projects, one a light-hearted drama series based in a retirement village, the other a one-off drama serial examining how criminals who have been given a new identity affect those around them, especially if someone they become close to discovers their true identity... I've also been asked by a musician friend of mine to help him write a musical... So lots to keep me occupied!

  8. All those things sound awesome! Can't say I have as much to contribute as I'm mostly working on AS level Bio, Chem, maths and classics - but I started writing a script the other day about ancient greek gods and heros who travel down from mount olympus to go on vacation to visit modern day London - lol, who says you can't combine work and fun? :D

  9. I'm trying to finish my long in the works book - "Crime And Popcorn". It's an A-Z guide to conspiracy movies from "All The President's Men" to "Zoolander".

  10. A web series for me. 'how to be god' is about as personal as a work of fiction can get. Partly just a document of the last two years, but hopefully amusing as well. Shooting starts soon.

  11. Thanks! As far as more details about the film, it's more on the dark side of first love. The main character is in a long and healthy relationship, but then he gets broken up with and we see how he reacts to it. I think it's just as important to acknowledge the depressing side to first love as it is to recognize the up side.

  12. I have noted several ideas for upcoming film blog posts. I hope to have the most recent up tomorrow!

  13. I'm working on three scripts.
    1) A short script collaboration which will go into production this month.
    2) A short script that will go into production beginning of next year.
    3) A feature script completely noncommissioned and on speculation.

    Then I have a few more ideas, but there simply is no time to work with those right now.

    The two first are important to me because I will actually for the first time get my writings on film.

    The third is my fifth feature movie script and as always the best I ever written. Maybe, when I soon can call myself a produced script writer, someone will actually read it and be interested?

  14. I'm currently working on the development of a HD video streaming application that allows filmmakers to submit proposal trailers in social websites.

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  15. Hi

    As Ted Hope has pointed out, once upon a time a producer's job was finished when a film had been completed and handed over to someone else. But the old model doesn't work anymore. Today DIY and 'DIWO' (do it with others) makes more sense.
    We originally had a distributor for "Diary of a Bad Lad", but our practical experience was that they didn't do that much - they couldn't do that much. And that was true for most other small distributors as well. What's more we had a real passion for what we were doing - and we'd been developing a close relationship with our audience here in the North-west of England.
    And then, when we found out that the Diary of Bad Lad trailer on our own site - had had well over 350,000 views - we realised just how much we'd had our eye off the ball.
    Since then things have started going from strength to strength. The film's available on indieflix and EZtakes. We have an agent in Spain, a Swiss company is handling international VOD sales, and there's more besides. And all of these deals are non-exclusive.
    On top of that we're getting reviews which are some of the best ever for any film, regardless of cost - like this one
    Good luck to you all
    Jonathan Williams

  16. Desiree-- I feel there's almost a bit of resentment in your last sentence. Which is understandable, but I wish it didn't have to be. I am excited for you finishing another script -- it's a hard slog. Many of the most successful writers had upwards on ten scripts, or even far more, before anything came of them.

    Keep the faith, keep doing what you're doing, you have the energy, drive, and determination that many many writers don't have.

  17. Solfluid - Don't do tooooo many projects at once! ;)