Sunday 16 August 2009

I make films for you.

You may think you're ruining me, but you're spurring me on.

You think you can undermine me, you think you can tell me I'm not strong enough, or not talented enough, you can say whatever you want.

You think I don't work hard? Well that's just fine.
You think I just sit around watching films? Well that's just fine.

My life will be filled with beautiful films that I've created. I'll have the art, the money, the women, the big house, the love, the friends.. and I'll do it all for YOU.

YOU, the one who tells me I should get a real job.
YOU, the one who tells me that I'm not going to make it.

I see your hate.
I see your jealousy.
I see your pain.

It gives me vision.
It gives me strength.
It gives me determination.

You could be right;
I may just be nothing.
But I am giving it everything.
I am giving it everything.

Nearly everything I do, on nearly every single day, is in some way related to, or because of; the very things I am focusing my career and my life on. You can tell me it's pointless, you can tell me I don't know what I'm doing, you can do that little chuckle you do when I show you my work, you can even tell me 'your idea has been done before,' - but I will not react with anger, or hate, because I am not the same as you.

You can stay on the platform,
because I am taking the train out of here.
it's a train full of dreamers and workers and singers and writers and dancers,
and we're getting the train out of here.
we know where we're going.

Care to share?


  1. Love, love, love the determination you express. All without talking down to others, but knowing you are on the right path to success!!
    Kudos Kid!

  2. First article from you that I do not like that much ...
    You put haters in the centre of one life, which is sad, overall !
    I will do this then I will do that .... what about I am doing it now ?
    The same way you deal with problems is the same way you end up approaching your solutions:
    losing and wasting your own present.
    Anyway, you must have your reasons for this article, I am just not IN for the first time.
    It just makes me feel so sad :(

  3. Stay true to yourself and stay true to your dreams. It is with hope, determination and hard work that we make our lives to be everything we want it to be and more.

  4. Hey Sylvaine, I get what you say, I don't disagree as such. But I think it's important to address all aspects of your life and the people in it. We can be all self-help-positive-thinking-like about the negative people, but I find that kind of thing marginalizes a part of our lives, and others, and ourselves-- because all you do is ignore and repress something, rather than accept it as part of the process.

    I wrote this after I received an extremely rude email from another filmmaker who was completely cutting down my work for no reason, and I was just tired of it, and it got me to thinking about all those negative people that I've come across over the years. But it doesn't get me down, it's just coal in the fire -- so I just wrote this spur of the moment. I still stand by it, but can accept it wasn't for you!

    And thanks Meaghan and Lassie :)

  5. your greatest enemies are those to whom you are a reminder of what they could have been.
    when you are successsful you will make enemies
    it means your growing.... keep doing what your doing and stay strong and believe in yourself:)

  6. Non-descript lump25 August 2009 at 14:48

    Toot, Toot!!!!! I'm loading up that engine with coal for you and me baby!!!!! Oh ok, you probably had some superfast jet type train in your head and i'm going all Thomas Tank on you, but you get my drift!