Thursday, 16 July 2009

An Important Question.

What's better.. To get the girl, or to write a great screenplay about the pain of her rejection?

Care to share?


  1. Aw ... I'm torn by this one. A great screenplay is eternal and could bring pleasure to millions of people ... but getting the girl could be one man's destiny *romantic sigh*

    I'm a sucker for romance.

  2. There are some questions here...does the screenplay get picked up by Universal? Does the girl stutter and have buck teeth like a horse??

    Although most men, who are all losers at heart admittedly or not, would say to get the girl but in reality all men would rather be Julius Epstein, Woody Allen or Kubrick rather than a married tool with three babies and a fresh pack of anal lube.

  3. Im not done bout this: Write the great screenplay then you can have whatever damn girl you want...problem solved :-)

  4. To survive the pain of the rejection with style and class ... crying over a glass of champagne.
    I just got rejected by someone yesterday, and I am getting over the idea that I was a stalker now ...
    Googol better be a good and fun project !!!

  5. Write a film about the girl. It will last forever. Invite her to watch it with you. Rejection is not written in stone.

  6. Ps: For Darkeyez: I completely agree with your first post. Feelings come and go in waves, dreams are eternal, and once we look at them we find ourselves in a place we don t want to be anymore.

  7. Great suggestion << Pilli Cortese >>.

    But what if the guy press charge when receiving the invitation ???


  8. Great screenplay. Absolutely no question.