Saturday 20 June 2009

My Day.

I was doing some work. Work which isn't film industry work but something else. It doesn't pay well and I don't like it. It isn't really me. But there are bills to be paid. On my lunch break, I headed towards the shops and by the shops was a good friend of mine, who also happens to be an incredibly talented Director Of Photography. But he wasn't shooting a film today, he was handing out leaflets. Because that's his job, that's what he does. And we talked for a little while about the project we'd just shot together; we're both really happy with it. And we found it strange that weeks ago we were shooting a movie at 4am and today we're both out in some part of London that could be anywhere and we're doing jobs we don't love.

And then I head back to my work; and I see this girl there I know who's an actress; but when I saw her she wasn't acting she was standing on a stand in an exhibition selling cocktails to people. And it seemed strange because this girl is great when performing brilliantly on a stage or looking beautiful on screen. And it seemed weird that I was standing there doing my job that is barely a job and she was selling cocktails.

And on the train home I saw this dude who I know but don't really know but okay I guess I kinda know. Actually, we went to the same school when we were like 7 except he's a bit older so when I was 7 he was maybe 9. Anyways we never really knew each other but I knew his brother, at least I think I did, all I remember is that me and his brother used to love 'Steptoe and Son' except maybe I'm wrong about that at least I don't think I am.

Anyways, the dude who I bumped into who has a brother who likes or at least used to like 'Steptoe & Son' is also a musician, and has also expressed an interest in making film scores. I know this because he told me this on Facebook just after he added me, which came just after I accepted a friend request after being unsure whether to accept because we're not really friends I just once knew his brother who used to like watching 'Steptoe & Son.'

And it just seemed weird that it all happened in one day. And it made me realise just how much talent is out there handing out leaflets and working in supermarkets and in bars. And it seems weird that the world is created like that, created in a way where creative people don't always make a living from being creative but instead also make a living from saying "that's 3.99 please".

So I could be depressed about it but instead it kind of excites me. Because I realise that there are more out there. There could be a great painter working in that petrol station, and there could be a really great film producer who's working in that car repair shop, and maybe that random dude on the bus who talks to himself is the next big actor. Because you just don't know. And luckily, I know the secret - and the secret is that one day, us --- the secret society of extremely talented and underpaid geniuses, are going to unite and demolish everything in the world apart from creativity - which will then dance around the world and inspire everybody to be, feel, think and believe.

Care to share?


  1. I do hope you're right :) that would be pretty awesome

  2. Yep that would be pretty awesome. I'd probably be one of those crazy people talking to themselves on the bus.

  3. Film is so collaborative that it's going to need a team of highly trained and talented people to get it done. Go for it!

  4. I like what you've experienced. And I also like reading how you narrated it. It sounds like a movie! I hope you've recovered from your nasty little flu.

  5. I was just about to say what becks said!

    I absolutely love the way you narrated this and it played out in my mind just like a narrated short film with a message. Almost like a nod to other members of the secret society... I like it.

    You should seriously consider making a short like this!

    Also, I loved Steptoe & Son too :)

    Secret society of extremely talented and underpaid geniuses - I salute you all!

  6. I absolutely love that :-) well done kid...

  7. Answer: No well you don't have too because I sometimes I write in English :)

    Have a great evening!

  8. Thank you for the kind comment.

    "I am still looking for Jimmy Stewart..." And thank you also for appreciating one of my film favorites :)

  9. I agree with everyones comments that A) this would be an Awesome short (yes awesome with a capital A!) and B) i way hope you're right!

  10. Hey all - thank you so much for your comments. It's nice to see a bunch of you say this sounds like a movie, when really it was just me rambling away when I was on a train. That's what I love about writing really short things - you can do it so quickly and without thinking that it's kind of unconscious. But when you actually sit down to right that screenplay, your thoughts and inner-critic and all else get in the way.

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  12. Great post.

    I think your musings on life may be where your forte lies. It feels very real and you really do get to the heart of the matter. Which is how we never really know who someone is, or could be.

    Like I've said before, I eat humble pie like, all the time. I think it makes me a better person though. Maybe that's where creativity and empathy comes from. The struggle.

    More musings though Kid, for sure.

  13. I love the thought that "the secret society of extremely talented and underpaid geniuses" isn't necessarily bullshit art students who look down on you if you're not edgy enough. Because that's how I look at it.

  14. Rassles, I'm totally with you. I hate that, I hate that side of the industry, and film schools/art schools - where you're judged for what you like or, y'know "What do you mean you don't know the different between Fratzkov and Nenshkemp? I mean, one is 16th Century and one is 18th!".

    I hate that. Those people will be taken down by the secret society. I hope you guys are all with me.

  15. And all you can think is, "Fuck you, Alien is totally better than Predator."