Sunday 17 May 2009

Film Blogs Round Up.

Hello All,

When I started this blog I also started a facebook group called 'Film Blogs'. I just wanted to get a community of film bloggers together. A place where the writers and readers could meet - and together we could talk about our own work and promote the work of other writers who we love. Until now I hadn't mentioned this group on the blog; but as my readership steadily grows I thought It'd be worth mentioning. If you want to join the facebook group; here it is:

On the group; every couple of weeks, I post a round up of the most interesting blogs I've read/found/been introduced too. I'm not sure whether I'll always post this on the Kid In The Front Row blog too, but for today, as I'm talking about it, I decided I will.

So below is the Film Blogs round up, with a couple of non-filmic blogs at the bottom which just happen to be by writers I enjoy. You guys will have to let me know whether you want the round-up to be a part of this site or whether I should just save it for Facebook!.

Hello Bloggers + Readers,

I've got some really exciting blogs to share today. But first of all, I want to talk a little bit about how we can support each other, and this is more for the bloggers than the readers -- I've noticed a bit of a trend where writers want their blogs promoted, but aren't really willing to give much back.

Most bloggers really want comments on their articles. Many of them even ask for them. But these bloggers rarely comment on other people's blogs. Why do you expect people to read and comment on your blogs if you're not doing the same for them?. I think that it's time we paid more attention to the wonderful writing everyone else is doing, rather than just focusing on our own and expecting everyone to respond to it. It's the old thing of 'you get what you give' - I GUARANTEE, if you spend more time reading other people's blogs and letting the people you like KNOW IT, you will receive that back. We're not in competition here; there's room for all of us. So, have a read of some other people's stuff - and give them an email or leave them a comment, they deserve it.


Well, we may be in our warm houses right now, but filmmaker Kirk is currently in the Antarctic, and he's blogging about it and cutting together short films of his adventures. Fascinating.

There are many things wrong with the British Film Industry; and Jonathan Williams is letting us know what they are at

Are you an Actor? Director? DOP? Well, you can showcase your showreel here: - a great idea I wish I'd thought of first. A place to share your creative works for the world to see.

Okay, it has an unfortunate name; but is a really great blog I was introduced to this week. The posts may not be coming thick and fast; but when they do they are extremely interesting; including the most recent post about working at the BBC, which is the funniest thing I have read in ages.

This summer, more than ever, is a real summer of big-budget blockbusters. So for me, I'm enjoying ignoring most of these and focusing on gems of the past. Rupert Alistair evidently feels the same as he passionately blogs on what seems like every day over at his 'Classic Movies Digest' -

There's a million struggling filmmakers out there blogging about their efforts. But luckily, sometimes they're interesting. Alex Barrett is one of those


The Blog Of The Month is Jane Kelly Kosek's is running a great blog that I think should be bookmarked by anybody who's interested in working in independent filmmaking. She covers things like how to get investors, explanation of film markets, and pretty much every other aspect of Indie filmmaking; and the reason it's so good is that she does it in a really down to earth, understandable way. Unmissable. Check it out!


And if you're fed up with film blogs; then check out some of my other favorite blogs:


Please keep inviting your friends to the group. This group is beginning to be a great community and I really enjoying reading your blogs and receiving your emails. The more we grow the better it is for everyone. Before long-- our Film Blogs community will be recognized in the film community and YOUR opinions will reach thousands of new readers. That's the dream - and the only way it is going to happen is if we collaborate, and reach out to each other and read each others blogs; and invite our friends along for the ride.


Care to share?


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my blog! And introducing us all to one another's work. I think it's great to bring film bloggers together and support one another. Indie filmmaking needs all the support it can get. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do!

  2. A great thing you're doing here. Getting people out there. Like you say, the best way to get people to read your blog is to read others' and comment. For example, I've commented, so maybe one in a hundred will take a look at mine - which is more than zero if I hadn't commented.

    Happy writing :)

  3. Thanks for mentioning my new blog :)

  4. Hey Kid! Great to hear about you on Twitter and now all these other great blogs too. I'll have to join Facebook right now (or when I've met my next deadline)!

    Totally agree with you about the comments, but I also really love the emails that come and getting responses in other ways, phone calls, at the supermarket etc. So now I assume that my blog's read and I get some nice surprises, though not like Melissa Silverstein of the Women & Hollywood blog, who got invited from NY to LA on a film-related junket by a previously unknown reader---

  5. Hey Wellywood, nice to hear from you. But Twitter? How did I get heard on Twitter? Very random!.

    Glad to meet you anyway, I'll look out for you in the supermarket!

  6. How did you get on Twitter? Easy. Go to my blog and scroll down with your eye on the right hand column with fixed things like New Zealand women's features, and past the blog roll to a list of my recent Tweets. The last one shows the history of the tweet abt you, as I know it. No doubt out there in the cybertrees are a whole lot of other twistories abt you...

    See you by the popcorn @ the New World down the road...

  7. Thanks for the shout out!

  8. Hey :) Thanks for the mention, Kid ... I'll check out some of the other blogs asap

  9. Hey Dan, thanks for featuring my showreels site on your blog. I'm so excited that I also featured your blog on the site, and I hope you don't mind I copied it onto my blog. It's a positive review! I like your blog and I'm also trying to write my first feature film now, hopefully getting it there soon.
    Cheers! (as all English say)