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Wednesday 27 March 2013

It'll All Work Out

'It'll All Work Out', by Tom Petty. Such a heartbreaking song.

"When she needed me I wasn't round, that's the way it goes, it'll all work out."

One moment everything is so intense and then before you know it she's gone, you're gone, and it was just some time in life you once knew. Some time when you wasn't really there for her. You thought you were, but looking back, you see it from her angle. 

"Better off with him than here with me."

They think you're the one. She thinks, "How could there ever be a time when you're not the one I call?" But they move on and find a new person to call home and you're just a long gone memory of some year gone by before they met the person they were really meant to meet. 

"There were times apart, there were times together, I was pledged to her for worse or better."

Most of the time it isn't fear of commitment. It's fear of the other person breaking from the commitment and being okay with it. And off they go into a different life.

"Now the wind is high, and the rain is heavy, and the water's rising in the levy."

Life goes on. The wind blows as you're caught out in the rainswept streets, fully aware you're only a human being, crashing up against the pouring rain as you wonder why you still think of her.

"Still I think of her when the sun goes down, never goes away but it all works out."

It all works out in bittersweet many years after the fact ways.

"She had eyes so blue they looked like weather."

You never forget a girl like that, collapsing into your life, firing up your insides and making everything seem somehow so painfully and aggravatingly alive. And you knew at the time the hours were borrowed and then years later she is off out there doing whatever it is she's doing, a gone wild happy magic superstar in the night and you're stumbling home in the London rain.

The last minute of the song doesn't need any words, it's the journey. The bittersweet sound of time gone and places to go and exactly where you are right now. 

It'll all work out. 

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