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Tuesday 1 January 2013

10 Tips for 2013

1. When considering whether to collaborate with someone, ask yourself this question: Do they have talent?. If the answer is no, you have no business being on that project.

2. Work with problem solvers. People who are eager to cross the finishing line. If someone is always stressed and drowning in trouble, you have no business working with them.

3. Set a start date. Set a finish date. Stick to it. This applies to everything from the big things, like production dates and festival entries, to the little things, like updating your Résumé, and emailing potential employers.

4. Engage in social media. Don't be afraid of it. Be sure to actually communicate with people. If you like their statuses, reply to their tweets and comment on their YouTube videos, they'll do the same for you when you're releasing your project.
5. But also, find time to get away from the computers and phones. It's hard to have genuine insight and originality when you are constantly taking in tidbits of information. Step away.

6. The problem isn't that you can't find a job, it's that you haven't honed your talent enough. Get better at what you do.

7. Practice every day (apart from allocated days off).

8. Read.

9. Remember that it's creativity! Not everything will be perfect. Some of it will absolutely suck. It's a learning curve, and one you can't avoid, not if you want to succeed.

10. Enjoy yourself.


  1. I really need to read more this year. Or rather, simply finish reading what I start. I have a half-dozen books sitting around that I started but never finished...

  2. These tips are really informative. Thanks for sharing. By the way I love your writing style.