Friday 28 September 2012

The 20th Raindance Film Festival Begins

Actually it began yesterday. I was out of town and my pass hadn't been arranged. But now I'm here, and I'm excited.

Everyone is here because they love great movies. You're surrounded by people who are fascinated by obscure Slovenian movies and films made for £3000 by 18 year olds. It's not that anyone has anything against superhero movies, it's just that we never have any trouble finding them.

You come to raindance because you have a genuine chance to be a part of a wonderful cinematic experience that you'll have trouble replicating anywhere else.

And of course, the cast and crew are in the audience, the families are here. You never know how things will go -- will a masterpiece play to an empty cinema? Will a piece of crap bore a packed house?

When films play in a festival, they're alive! More like a band playing a nervous gig than a solid filmic product.

So many of the films I'll be writing about over the next week and a bit will be international premieres of movies you've never heard of. And that's exciting. Those of us in attendance have the opportunity to share with you the gems that we find.

The Raindance Film Festival began in a small and humble way, and it still has that feel. The organizers are accessible, the audience down to earth and excited. Yet Raindance is at the heart of the British film industry. And in the short film categories, one film from the festival will go on to be shortlisted for an Academy Award. Isn't that exciting!? I think so.

I won't be reviewing every film I see, that's not really my thing. But I'll tell you about the best ones and probably moan about the bad ones. Outside of that, I hope to give you all an insight into what it's like at the Raindance Film Festival this year. If you happen to be in London, you can buy tickets at the Raindance Website

Care to share?

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