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Wednesday 29 August 2012

On Being Yourself

I listen to Barry White when everyone else is sleeping. I watch 'You've Got Mail' repeatedly. My ringtone is the theme tune to 'The Apartment'. I go back to my favourite 'Ally McBeal' episodes once a month, and have done for twelve years.

I try to convince myself to do what everyone else does. I must see 'Ted'. I must write a blog about Nolan's Batman trilogy. I must get to know Kubrick's films better.

But there isn't time!

You have to blaze your own path.

Find the stuff you love and make it the center of your universe.

Because it's YOU!

And sure, you should challenge yourself and there are classic movies that will help your filmic education, but you're not beholden to them. You're you!

And I bet you fell in love with film and TV because you stayed up every night when you were 12, just to watch your favourite sitcom. Or you watched the same film three times in one day just because it made you feel alive!

I remember when my cousin was obsessed with 'Finding Memo'. I'd try to take her to the park, and she'd just want to watch 'Finding Nemo'. I'd tell her the house is on fire and she'd risk it just so she could stay in her room and watch the fake fish swim around.

When do we lose that? Don't even try to tell me it's nature! It's society, it's our philosophy. Enthusiasm, individuality, passion-- these things aren't encouraged, they're marginalized.

Ever censored yourself when sharing the name of a cheesy song you like? Or justified your bad tastes? "I know it's lame, but I love Bridget Jones.., must be something wrong with me."

And sure, someone will comment and say, "I don't care what people think, I love what I love," but I don't believe them, everybody caves. It's the world we live in, but how insane is that?

All we have is who we are. And if you hide a part of that, then you're not even really you!

The guilty pleasures. The things you think you should have outgrown. The things that make you feel so happy that they make you smile to yourself like an insane person--- I bet you stop yourself enjoying these as much as you should.

You should take your favourite movie and watch it every single day of the week. Sure, it'll influence you and shape you, but that's fine, it's meant to, it's a part of you. That's why you love it so much.

You're an alchemist, mixing the elements. Finding the perfect mix that makes you you.

You're a shaman, fending off the mean spirits that stop you watching 'Cool Runnings' twice in one weekend, even though you want to.

Be yourself. There's no point being anyone else.


  1. Bless this post. I wrote something similar last night, so I'm really digging the "let's be myself!" thing.

  2. Love the label for this post - "watch the weird shit you love". Hell yes.

    We've only got one life to live, so why waste it trying to be something we're not? Only really just getting this now.

  3. yes! this is the best part about getting older! No longer feeling the need to 'fit in with the cool kids'. Individuality is the COOLEST. I would say though that you should keep exploring, not relying too much on old favourites because it's exciting to see how your tastes change over time, it's fun finding new things you keep hold of the old - it made you who you are now, and keep exploring the new - it's helping you grow into who you will be in a few years time

    1. Completely agree - refusing to explore the new is as good as dying.

  4. inspiring man! the hardest thing is being yourself and we have no one we can truly be than ourselves.

  5. I'm helping to collect e-mail addresses of members of the Lamb. If you could, e-mail with your site info so
    you can be added (only for occasional Lamb newsletters) Thank you.

    1. Yeah just ignore what The Kid posted and follow your own agenda!

  6. Cool post I am all for being yourself and letting your freak flag fly. However, I also like to try and challenge myself each and every day.