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Saturday 7 July 2012


A great book comes along, not often enough. But when it does, it changes you. Takes you a little bit closer to where you're going.

Most of the time we're cynical. We don't think much of the writers, because they know the same stuff we know.

And then you read a perfect book, and the sentences make your insides jump around like electricity. They capture the spark of life that you've been so desperate to find. You look everywhere for it. In friends, in strangers, in flowers, in parties. You find it in the book. The one sentence that tells you who you are.

The best writers cut through everything and not only reach us, but change us. I'm not talking about Shakespeare. It could be some barely known paperback, but it's crafted perfectly. Prepared and primed for YOU to fall in love with. There's nothing like it.


  1. Have you read "The Gargoyle"?

  2. That is a superb opening sentence and so true. Not just about books but music, film, art in general. So many people I know seem to be finding books that speak to them all the time but I find it really hard. Music on the other hand, that can change my whole mood and speak to me in seconds, even if it isn't the sort of thing I would normally be in to.

  3. Well said. There's nothing like a great book. Speaking of which, I really need to read more often...

    By the way, I just discovered your blog recently and I really dig your writing style. Will be visiting more often!

  4. Nice post. You're so right. It has happened to me several times before and it's a magical feeling. You feel like it was written with you in mind and things like popularity don't matter.