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Friday 15 June 2012

SCREENWRITING PROGRAM: Lesya Hearst - 'StreetMom'

LESYA HEARST lives in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. She works as a translator and proofreader - but her real passion, as was evident in her application letter, is writing. "The point is, I've got stories to tell. I feel that I can do it. I see myself as a screenwriter. But it's been a struggle. As a kid, I wanted to be a writer (and I've been writing a novel for a while), but my true aspiration is my words, my lines, my ideas, transformed into those magical moving pictures".

It was an interesting week. Did you enjoy it?

The week was challenging and it's already a good reason to enjoy it. And I did. Because I wrote my short screenplay and I learned quite a lot in the process. It was also exceptionally exciting to be a part of this program since, for the first time, I felt that I'm a part of the writing community in general. It was a fleeting moment but a precious one.

You were quite critical of yourself throughout the week; I got the sense that you are quite a perfectionist and you expect a lot from yourself. Did this week help you see more positives in your work? 

I expected more from myself as a writer but short scripts are daunting for me, that's why working, contemplating the ways to enhance the script and your advice to drop self-criticism helped me to accept my work as it is now. It made me realize that it's just the first script and I can do much better in the future.

You had a strong idea that you stuck with throughout the week -- what made you want to write this story? 

It's not an easy question to answer as I don't want to give away much for those who might want to read the script but I'm willing to tell about how it all was started. Sometimes my ideas begin with those themes that are important and inspire me, but this time it was not the case. Some of my potential stories, like this one, are born as a picture in my mind. It's like seeing a film image in your head and it's so enticing that you can't resist but grant that image a story. Thus, that visual scene that sprang up in my mind allowed me to tell a story that touched the ideas of solitude and human relationships.

In what ways did you find the screenwriting program helpful, was my input useful?

The program was tremendously helpful. Firstly, I wouldn't even have tried to write a short script without it. Secondly, the pieces of advice that you gave me were amazing. Getting feedback directly on my work is completely different from just reading your blog and it was a great experience. You also helped me to look at screenwriting from different points of view and I'm forever grateful for that.

Another significant thing that I realized was that I'm at odds with short screenplays and that's the reason for me to write more of them. Since I don't have such major problems with feature screenwriting, it was a revelation to me. Thus, it's important that now I know my weakest points to face them and improve.

This was your first script, right? Are you going to do more? 

It was my first script and I aspire to continue writing more than ever before. I'm blessed to have tons of ideas, so I hope to get all my courage, inspiration, and eagerness to develop, and make myself work hard.

Read Lesya's screenplay 'StreetMom' HERE.

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  1. Lesya, I'm gonna need to read more. Now. I gotta know what happens next! This is so different and interesting, I love it.

  2. Looks like an interesting program. Great for you, Lesya! Going to read it more.

  3. That was really nice, Lesya! Would love to see more of it :)

  4. Thanks for comments guys!