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Monday 11 June 2012

coffee endless coffee

Endless coffees how you doing what you been up to let me buy this one no really it's fine your projects are looking good keep working persevering bit depressed don't worry tomorrow will be better you're showing your talents maybe chosen for the thing or not and yes i'm fine keeping busy moneys coming but not enough maybe an opportunity maybe we should start something just an idea not sure you're right for it maybe you could text me maybe we could get a friend to help out but is there a budget my last film was really bad you're actually really pretty damnit you have to go oh that's fine no really it's cool we should catch up soon that would be great it's been a while i miss you you miss me we miss each other and say it and say it and two years go by and where are you then we meet up and endless coffees how you doing you're fine i'm fine the projects are going okay few setbacks getting there trying not enough money not enough creativity feel that life got tough starting to get the flow back maybe we should produce something maybe we could do a thing maybe there's an opportunity at that tv station you should write to them or ask your uncle if he knows anyone who knows anyone haven't seen you in so long this industry is tough want another coffee no i'll get it really i want to buy it you save a seat maybe the comfy ones by the window yeah so how have you been what do you edit on are you still with that guy oh no you broke up me well i'm the same you know how it is we should share some cake yeah maybe we'll start a project that would be cool we could do that idea that we started to write maybe soon but you're busy i'm busy we're busy but with what no-one knows let's meet up again soon yeah tea coffee cake discussion yeah how are things good thank yeah goodnight.

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  1. Oh....that's two sailboats with lone sailors, dying to see another; then at night they pass, so close, finally, but in the darkness, they are unaware.