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Wednesday 16 May 2012


I have a new favourite song, but it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! You might not like it anyway -- I mean, not to the level I like it. Why? Because we're different people. You're you and I'm me and none of us are the same. 

But isn't that great? Makes you want to finish all those ideas you scrapped just because you realise somehow maybe in someway that it might
truly reach ONE person. Because THAT'S ENOUGH! We try reaching everyone. We write a script and worry about whether the studio or the audience or whoever will like it--- but if you take away the notion of the 'industry' and the need to earn a living, if you take it right down to that very thing you LOVE -- you realise, shit, it's just about creating and finding things that land

Like when you write a blog that makes someone say "YES YES YES YES!", that's far more powerful than someone saying "We enjoy your blog and would like to pay you to write an article for us." I mean, yeah; the latter is great, and you boast to your friends and share the news with the parents. But it's not what it's about. It's about doing something that is so personal and truthful that it connects with someone, somehow, somewhere. 

But enough about creating, because right now I'm talking about being on the receiving end. Of finding something that screams at you. And the scream says: YOU LOVE ME! YOU LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ME!

How often do we find a song like that? It's not as often as you think! Last time for me was
when I discovered Pearl Jam's JUST BREATHE. And I remember how much I loved that song. It was intense! The best songs take us over; we have to keep listening, keep figuring them out. How weird that some man or woman can sit in their home and have an idea for something and then months or years later random people scattered around Earth hear it and say "YES YES YES THAT SONG IS ABOUT ME!"

That's the magic! Isn't it magic? I think it's magic. I just said magic three ---- oops, four times really quickly. Maybe that's too much. I'm going to start a new paragraph now. 

Forget the charts. Forget the polls. Music is about what matters to YOU. Those little bits of guitar; the tiny little mistakes and stutters and yells and drum beats and whatever else; they create sounds that just
do it for you. It's different for every person, every time. 

My new favourite song; I can't tell you why it's my new favourite song, because I haven't figured that out yet. And for once I'm not telling you what the song is, because it doesn't matter! You wouldn't like it the same anyway, because you're on your own journey. 

If I heard this song last year, or next month, for the first time; would I connect in the same way? I'm not sure. Because this song seems to speak to me HERE, NOW, as I am TODAY. The song arrived at the perfect time, I'm sure of it. 

You ever think you make decisions or take risks or change your point of view because of a piece of art? Well, I think I do. Or at least, they help nudge me along the way. That's exciting right? So don't go recommending me a song or a film, because it might end up changing the direction of my life, these things influence me! 

Go hunting for a new favourite song. There are so many, they're everywhere! Don't listen to that voice in your head that says they don't make great tunes anymore, because
of course they do. And even if they didn't, then go listen to some Marvin Gaye or something; because there's so much still left to be uncovered in the vast landscape of music history. 

I have a new favourite song, and I'm one step closing to knowing who the hell I am.


  1. YES YES YES YES!... but in all sincerity, I utterly love this post

    1. Thank you! YES YES YES YES! I like your comment :D

  2. Music is everything, or just about. Ab fab post!

  3. Oh my, you made me laugh. :-) *You're so excited!!!* Though a part of me wants to know what song because sometimes, when you're excited about something and you share it, it's SO fun to find out others share that love. Or you turn someone on to something that they never would have listened to otherwise. That's EXACTLY how I found Ryan Adams. Someone was so excited and wanted to talk about it.
    By the way, I have a new favorite album! A whole album. I've had it for at least a year and listened a few times, but not really REALLY listened. Today I did and WOW! It blew me away. But I'm not telling you what it is. ;-) (Unless you say please.)

    1. Well I'd love to know the album, but you don't have to tell me!

  4. It's the magic! I got a new van this week - with satellite radio, something I've never had a use for in my life ever. My husband set it to the bluegrass channel (my grandpa used to play banjo for me when I was little). It is magic.