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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Independence, 2

The other thing is that people are always trying to figure out what it is to get into the system, how to get past the gatekeepers. They spend more energy on the struggle than on their art.

Everyone I've met who's been super successful has a huge amount of talent and passion.

If someone is bitching about the industry, you can be pretty sure the problem isn't the industry, it's that the individual just hasn't nailed it yet, they're not ready, they're trying to skip a step.

Nobody is trying to keep anyone out. It's just a lot of people trying to get things made.

Prove your worth on YouTube. Get an audience. If someone on facebook doesn't give a shit, why will the studios? There are blogs that have a million readers, and there are blogs like mine that have a thousand. I could get jealous or grumpy or moan about some injustice but the truth is, I'm blessed to have the readership I have and if my writing ever deserves a bigger audience, you guys will share my work, that's how it always goes.

No-one is trying to keep you out. No-one cares about you.

You need to keep practicing and showing up until you tick a box.

Or get so good that you create a box only you can tick.

Or give up.

Just stop fucking moaning.


  1. Thank you. I needed this. Like, TODAY. I really needed to "hear" this...

    1. Thanks so much for your response, I'm really glad that it resonated with you.