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Thursday 29 March 2012

Tea With Milk: The Difficulty of Being English and Abroad

In England you get tea with milk. In America you get tea but if you want the milk they look at you funny.

In Spain you get tea with a glass of milk. In Germany you get a pint of water with a tea bag on the side and they refuse to bring you milk. In Sweden you get tea with milk but nobody ever goes to Sweden.

In the Netherlands they give you tea but if you ask for milk they think you're high. In France they don't give you tea and they don't give you milk. In Ireland they give you tea with milk but only after a few pints of Guiness.

In Sicily you ask for tea with milk and they give you coffee. You explain the error and they give you tea, but still with no milk. You explain again and they give you milk, but take away the tea. You go to complain but see the mafia sitting outside and instantly buy everyone an espresso.


  1. VERY humorous post! You do have to order carefully when abroad.

  2. The German part isn't true, but I'll believe the rest :)

  3. This is gonna sound like sacrilege--though probably not surprising, considering I'm a yank--but I always drink my tea straight.

  4. Amusing post, but I take issue with the accusation that Americans look at you funny if you drink tea with milk. I don't think that's the case. There are certainly enough people who put milk in their tea here. I work in a restaurant and (though it's not as common as in England and Ireland) I regularly serve milk with tea.

  5. lol im more of a tea with milk girl always but i rather not have water with the tea.

  6. Jason, I guess it depends where in America you are!