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Tuesday 28 February 2012


I have an idea, let's pay money to go see a movie. While we're there, let's open up BlackBerry messenger on our phones. The little light will sparkle like magic.

Let's repeat this action every 19 seconds. We can BBM Barry about football and Sarah about her boobs. Let's do it again and again and again. Let's glance up at the screen only when there's a really loud noise.

And let's whisper things to each other. Or at least, let's do it in a whisper style but with the loudness of a drum kit. Let's giggle. Let's kick the seat in front.

Let's become a whole generation of people who sit in the cinema turning on phone screens. Let's check our Facebook. Let's pay the big cinema ticket fee and sit in the comfy chairs just so we can read "Thomas Milpert is bored lol" as we scroll the news feed. Let's tweet that the movie sucks, which we know because there hasn't been a loud sound effect in 4 minutes.

Let's wake up them boring weirdos who sit in the cinemas quietly. What is wrong with them?


  1. I must refer you to this:

  2. So true. Still I slightly prefer it to the days when people would talk on their phones during the movie.

  3. One reson why we bought a home cinema equipment.

  4. Frequent reader, first time commenter, love the show.

    You just hit on one of my biggest pet peeves. I've taken to pelting people who are looking at their phones with popcorn and Twizzlers and M&Ms during the film. I demanded my money back every time.