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Thursday 12 January 2012


For my heart I go to Charlie Chaplin. 

For my creativity I go to Bruce Springsteen. 

For my happiness I go to New Orleans jazz.

For my heartbreaks I go to Counting Crows. 

For my optimism I go to Ally McBeal.

For my artistic discipline I go to Woody Allen.

For my politics I go to The West Wing. 

For my coolness I go to Ellen Page. 

For my rhythm I go to Aaron Sorkin.

For my insomnia I go to Ryan Adams. 

For the sweet and sour I go to Billy Wilder.

For my dreams I go to New York City. 


  1. Loved your "Me." I miss Ally McBeal. West Wing--best ever politics. NOLA jazz turns any bad day on its head.

    This is, yet, another wonderful exercise in gratitude--to have so much that inspires, knowing where to turn for what you need and thanking the gods for that. Great list. :)

  2. Hi Kid, it's nice to read your list of these. Interesting to know what inspires a blogger I admire. Cheers for this insight.