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Thursday 20 October 2011

Self Sabotage

Everyone has their breaking point.

You think you want success but when opportunity knocks, you hide.

You don't return the call.
You convince yourself the job is too much.
You tell them you can't make it on time.
You remember what happened last time.

The rewards wait on the other side. You have to leap.

Break through the barrier.

Otherwise things cycle. You repeat the mistakes. You meet the same gatekeepers.


  1. I've read this post 3 times in the past few days. After reading it again and seeing a lack of comments, I had to say what I was afraid to. This post hit so close to home for me that I felt guily after reading it, like you'd reached into my personal memories and scolded me. I was embarrassed that I'd done all of these things.

    Then, I thought, you couldn't post this unless you knew what if felt like too. I realized that many of us read but few of us comment, because sometime we don't know what to say. Other times, like with this post, you've said it all.

    I must ask you Kid, did you write this, (as it seems with all of your posts,) from personal experience? If so, thanks for sharing so much of yourself in your writing. I think that's why I connect to this blog. You seem to put a piece of yourself into the work, which gives it heart.

    Now, excuse me. I have some barriers to break through.

  2. Love this.

    Can't tell you how often this theme has shown up in my life these past few years....

    Sometimes I break through the barrier, other times not so much. But I keep reminding myself that awareness of the cycle in itself breaks down barriers.

    Sometimes maybe we need to get familiar with those gatekeepers. Maybe recognizing them is what helps propel us to take that leap?