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Monday 31 October 2011

Matt and Sally The Paragraph Genre Hoppers

Matt and Sally were hit suddenly by the most important fact of life: that love is all that matters. They looked into each others eyes and felt a spark that resonated deeply in their souls. They had found what everyone longs to find, love. They kissed passionately and then made love for hours before finally falling asleep in each others arms.

Sally jolted upright in bed as she heard the sound of Melissa, her dead sister. Could it really be her? She listened again as a deathly squeal echoed through the room. "Go to sleep", said Matt, but she couldn't, because she feared they might take her away like they did when she was a child. It was a fear that never went away, and the haunting sound of her dead sister brought it all back again.

In the morning they set off on a glorious trek through the mountainside. The world opened up in front of them as they stormed through the unpredictable hills and violent rainstorms. Trees fell and winds blew hard but Matt was determined to continue on the great adventure.

The Ghuliau tribe were ready. Deep trenches surrounded the area. If Matt and Sally were to make it through, they'd have to take down the Ghuliaus. Matt stared through his binoculars and saw what was waiting. He signalled to Sally. There was only one thing left to do: battle.

Sally's experience as an undercover cop made her the perfect candidate to investigate her sister's death, but the higher ups at the NYPD refused to allow it. Sally didn't think this was in the NYPD's jurisdiction and she had a point considering they live in Liverpool, England. Sally was a tough cookie and determined to find her sister's killer. She also wanted to eat a cookie, which is why it's so coincidental that she was described as being as a tough cookie. She decided to take on the case against the advice of her buddies on the force.

Matt fired a shot which missed Sally's head by an inch. He dived behind the car and immediately stripped down to his vest. He'd killed the sister and he could kill Sally too. Sally was having none of it and immediately went searching for a ventilation shaft to crawl through. It was the only way to escape.

Matt stepped quietly across the road and climbed onto Elroy, his horse. This old boy had seen Matt through some tough days. Some might say the toughest darn days the folks round here had ever seen. He turned to look back at the town one last time. Sally sure was a great gal, but Matt knew he had to make a home in some place that was a little more friendly to his kind.

Sally longed for a return to Planet Snizenfort. Earth was fun for a while, but she missed the home-baked cookies. She looked desperately for the Fruden Disc Displacer which was the only thing that could fire her back home.

The End

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