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Saturday 9 July 2011

Ryan Adams, Norah Jones, 2.37am

I was searching after a feeling tonight. Music is the quickest way to get there, it points you home. But it's hard on those nights when you don't quite know where the destination is.

I finally landed.

Not only is this a great song, but this is a wonderful video with Ryan Adams talking about his collaboration with Norah Jones. They talk about how different their styles of creativity are.

Adams invited Norah to record the track with him. They did one pass at it, and he was happy. Done.

That's what Ryan Adams is. He's prolific. He doesn't want to fit all the pieces of the puzzle, he just picks out the parts that feel right and capture the moment. The rest can stay in the box.

That's why his fans are obsessive and dedicated. Because he's real. If you're not a fan he's boring and depressing. If you are a fan, he becomes your life. There's no inbetween.

Watch the video. It'll inspire you creative people. Will make you feel less alone. And the song is as beautiful as they come.


  1. What a lovely video. I like what Ryan Adams said about 'it's all valid'.

  2. Always enjoyed Nora Jone's music and this was quite special. Nothing wrong with picking out the best bits and going with that, going with the moment and what's in your heart right then. Lovely peice of spontaneity.

  3. Aw, that is a great little film. Pretty cool how Adams didn't let Jones rethink it. Don't be afraid of that raw stuff, huh? ;)

  4. Great post. Great song. I was really into Ryan Adams 9, 10 years ago. Not so much recently, but this makes me want to revisit his work.

  5. Can't find any loop hole from this lady, she is tremendously great.

  6. One of my favorite aspects of Ryan's music is all those little creaks, whispers, sighs, unplanned sounds. They aren't a lack of attenton to detail. They are honest vulnerability and realism left right where they should be.
    And yea, what you said about his fans is spot on. He/his work becomes a massive part of our lives. He's very humble and gracious, not really comprehending how many lives his music has changed, touched and saved.