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Saturday 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse

She dies, and people are talking about her music. Two days ago she was just a messed up celeb.

Everyone's saddened by the loss of young talent. Bemoaning the missing legacy we'll never get.

Why do we think of this stuff after death? Why does living talent not turn people on?

I don't know how talented Amy was, I was never a fan. But it's such a shame to see all the warmth for her that people have today. I bet she never knew how deep their affection was.

We always hold back on our feelings. Don't share our love till the tumour comes or the car smashes into nine pieces. Why are we so demented?

She seemed tortured. I'm only going by what the tabloids said. I never so much as looked her up on Wikipedia. She's gone now like we all will be -- she's left some art and they'll be playing her songs tomorrow and in twenty years time. She mattered. She landed. She'll be remembered. She was loved. That's the most any of us can hope for.


  1. She sounded like a spoiled soul to me.

  2. I think that although the tragedy in Norway and the famine in Somalia certainly gives us some sort of perspective on the death of one OD-ed celebrity, it doesn't mean that it becomes wrong for people to mourn her passing.

    I was never a fan either, but I know that there are many people who were inspired and touched by her music. And even though they never knew her, never met her, the fact remains that her art reached out and touched people and their lives. When that happens, it's a human connection. So when she dies, I don't see anything wrong in people mourning her. To me, it's something that's natural.

    Sure, it would be great if everyone cared just as much about all the tragedies of the world. That would be amazing and in an ideal world that would be happening. But it's not an ideal world... *sigh*

    I guess we could say, "Hey, there's XXX and XXX happening too, would you be interested in helping out in these causes?" instead of saying that mourning the death of Amy Winehouse is bad.

  3. There was a comment by a fellow blogger here originally -- which led me to write another blog post.. I have deleted her recent comment because she is now receiving abusive emails about it -- but to keep the original context, here is what she said. And we'll say her name was JENNY:

    JENNY: "I've seen a million facebook statuses on her death today and maybe one on what's happened in Norway on the same day, none about what is currently happening to tens of thousands of people in Bangladesh, East Africa, Malawi, Libya, Syria... It really pisses me off that people accord so much importance to someone who was essentially a highly privileged drug-addict, who happened to have a fantastic voice and once a upon a time made good music. If you want to mourn the loss of talented people, there are plenty of talented people dying every day, all over the world who never had the chance to let their talents shine. Mourn them, and then do something about it!

  4. Small surprise that humanism has been flattened in the process of machining the human race, huh?