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Wednesday 4 May 2011

A Fast Five

1. 'Insidious' is a cool movie. My friends tell me it's a rip off of some other films but I wouldn't know, as Horror isn't really my thing. I saw this on a whim, without knowing what it was.

Some bits made me jump, and I loved the tension. I bought into the nonsense. I usually have such a low bullshit meter, but with 'Insidious' I bought into it. And there was a weird bit at the end where Patrick Wilson goes into 'The Further' which was creepily like a recurring dream/nightmare I have.. so I was fascinated!

2. 'My Date With Drew's is a documentary about a guy who won $1100 on a game show and spent it documenting himself going after a dream he'd had his whole life: to have a date with Drew Barrymore.

It's funny, heartwarming and unexpectedly inspiring. Check it out, it came out on DVD like seven years ago.

3. I'm working my way through 'The Pacific'. It's different to what I expected. I'm six episodes in and I haven't really latched onto the characters. When someone on screen says a name I just kind of pretend I know who they're talking about. It's like when you're 200 pages into a book and the name Vera is mentioned and you haven't a clue who she is or how she relates to the main character.

But there are some poignant moments. And the 3rd episode was really moving.

4. I struggle to relax in the cinema. I need a perfect environment. Any sign of phone use, or chatter-- or, yesterday, in the row behind me was a constant foot shuffler tapper man! Tapping his feet, shuffling them around, munching on his little snacks he'd smuggled in. What a nightmare!

5. Who will they cast as Bin Laden?


  1. Thanks for that. I am gearing up to watch Insiduous. The best movie I hacve seen in a while is The Next Three Days. I know is was panned by some for being to slow. Excuse me- if you want action, go and rent out a Bruce Willis movie. I thought this was another amazing performance from the Great Crowe. Ia m loving Game of Thrones as well.


  2. Are you suggesting Drew Barrymore to play bin Laden? I loved My Date With Drew. In fact, I just suggested it to someone a couple of days ago! Weird coincidence.

  3. I didn't like My Date With Drew, it played too much like the making of DVD bonus feature for a movie that doesn't exist. Maybe it's just me.

  4. Thankks for the info. I don't watch scary movies or thrillers. I did watch Water for Elephants. It was intense. I'm gonna read the book now. The End.

  5. 4. is a biggie for me. It doesn't take much to ruin a trip to the cinema

  6. i think 3rd point is cool on own way...thanks to share this post, i have read this type of post after such a long time.