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Sunday 10 April 2011

The Wrestler

Life changes. Before you know it you're all alone, you live for a day that's gone, you listen for a song that no-one listens to anymore, and one wrinkle turns into twenty and one day of not seeing your daughter turns into two-thousand.

And that thing you do best is not what people want anymore. Your body isn't what it was. You cling onto it because it's everything you know.

You want the roar of the crowd, but instead you have the squeal of your hearing aid. And you want to love a woman and you want to love your daughter, but how can you make it better than before? With relationships, you never know where you'll land, you can never handle the pain.

But with wrestling you know the score before you start. You'll take a beating for a while but you'll come out winning in the end. In a pretend world the people will always chant your name, you'll always be their hero. But in the real world, there's no guarantees.

People leave, and people change, and before long you're the only one left holding on.


  1. Such a good film and such a good performance by Mickey Rourke, he has the ability to make you feel sorry for him in one scene, only to want to shake him in the next.

    I think I may have to have a re-run of this one.

    Great blog, I came here through Happy Frog's last post, so glad I clicked on that link!


  2. For many years i spent my whole time working, people said you're a machine, that was right, i don't wanted to think becase the real life was scary, my life out of my work doesnt worth...

  3. I can't believe I haven't seen this movie yet. Going to Netflix now...

  4. Loved the over the shoulder shots. Rourke was so vulnerable in this film.

    Would you be ok with putting my film site on your blogroll and I'll do the same for you?

  5. jar -- i don't have a blog-roll here. I share blogs in other ways, at various times. Feel free to put me on yours.