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Friday 29 April 2011

Notes From His Royal Highness The Kid In The Front Row

On this, thy fine evening, myself, my majesty, The Kid, after such regal and prosperous an occasion for forthwith, ofwith, onwith my country; I found myself on my own, in thy room, enjoying a cuisine known to the British, remarkably, as cereal. Thy fine dining, on my ownself forthwith made me realise, majestically and especially, that my life is perhaps lacking in what can only be described as: a woman.

Therefore, especially, and becomingly, and belligerently; I have decided upon which the future of my feelings, is to be, and to see and to hold and to be the Prince, of my affections for my darling, here standing; being, of course, not to mention-- that I shall, in all my royal worth; be looking to, shall we say, be dating and be doing of night time activities in private, with none-other than the remarkable and wonderful sister of thy Royal subject, herein, therein, of-in, within -- I shall be making my plans accordingly to win the heart of Pippa Middleton, sister of Her Royal Highness the Kate of England who famously, and elegantly, and beautifully married into the mad family who live in the big palaces.

Hereforth, my dear followers and admirers and servants; I shall be hoping to win the heart and body and anything else, herestanding, notwithstanding, while hopefully she's still standing -- of Lady Middleton, the sister, the hot one.

His Royal Highness The Kid In The Front Row of England.


  1. Reading that made my brain hurt, but I think I got the gist: you've got the hots for Pippa?

  2. Laughing so hard while reading this. Sounded more like his royal highness lol. Well I hope her royal beautifulness Ms Middleton gets to read this. Good luck.

  3. Here Here Prince Kid! NL

  4. Dude, stop putting the Pippa on a pedestal.

    Kate is the more attractive sister. Just because Pippa's "arse" looked great in a custom-made designer dress doesn't mean you should get all excited.

  5. thequestfor50 - I think you took my post way to seriously, and literally, I was just jumping on the bandwagon and writing a comical post. I've forgotten about her already.