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Tuesday 22 March 2011


1. I started a blog post about fifteen times last night. Desperately had something to say, I just couldn't figure out what it was.

2. I saw "You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger" today. The cinema was empty - it was just me. Me and a Woody Allen movie. Perfect. I loved it. I know most people don't - but it was pure joy for me. I walked home completely satisfied.

3. You just want actors to be truthful. That's all. Actors should just walk into auditions and be a light of truth.

4. I listen to Tom Petty a lot. I put his name on YouTube and then click 'playlists' and 'shuffle' and listen to all his live music magic.

5. They're bombing Libya. What does it all mean? I go to the shop to buy a can of coke and I don't get bombed, but if you're in Libya you can't be so sure. Is Gaddafi killing someone worse than one of our guys killing someone, just because our guy didn't mean to hurt a civilian? How are we meant to watch the news without wanting to scream, or puke? Why are bombings the answer? How does this end?

6. "Helvetica" is a great documentary. It's about a bunch of guys who are passionate about fonts. Their faces light up when they talk about typography. Sounds boring but it gets you--- because they're passionate. Passion is so interesting. By the end of the documentary you realize that fonts shape everything - and you immediately want to redesign your blog and change the fonts you use in emails.

7. Adam Duritz' interpretation of this song is haunting.

8. Everyone is out to get at your integrity. Like, five minutes after starting your blog, someone will offer you $9 to do a sponsored post. It's so you can link to their site, to improve their google rankings. That's how all writing is, it's how all art is. But there has to be someone, somewhere, who cares about what they're doing and doesn't sell out straight away. Is it you? Or, I guess, if you're going to sell it, do it the way they did in 'The Social Network.' "We don't know what it is yet," --- don't sell out for $9. Wait till you're so unique and amazing that it's $9million. Because if you sell up who you are for a couple of dollars, you'll peak too soon.

9. Sometimes people recommend me films or TV shows, and I tell them I won't be watching them within a second of seeing a trailer or whatever. It can come across as pretentiousness; but really; it's about authenticity. There's a very narrow window of material that I like, and I can always spot it. People who like similar stuff to me will probably know what I mean. But look how pretentious that sounds.

10. I'm tired.


  1. #1 - I hate when that happens.

    #2 - I haven't seen it yet. I'm not sure why. (But I like the idea of watching it alone and coming home completely satisfied).

    #3 - Agreed. I like how insanely romantic that sounds (considering what a dirty job it can be).

    4# - In my case it's Adele, Damian Rice, Snow Patrol and such. I feel like a masochist.

    5# - [ ] *listen to lyrics*

    6# - I love fonts but I think watching that documentary might be dangerous.

    7# - :(

    8# - Mark turns out to be smarter than he looks ;)

    9# - What do you like?

    10# - Why are you tired?

    11# - You sound "broke down and busted". Que pasa?

  2. Watching YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER. tonight ... hopefully I'll have a similar experience!

  3. No one has ever offered me money to do a sponsored post so I don't know what that says about my blogging skills!
    Bulleted lists seem a great idea for a blog post though, maybe I should try that ?
    I'll remember not to recommend any films to you...and I'm tired too, so I think I'll go and lie down.

  4. Definitely want to see the documentary. That is my kind of thing. Loved the video. He's singing your song. Thanks for sharing. ;)

  5. THAT'S the movie I wanted to see... Helvetica. I {heart} fonts.