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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Weblog Award Nomination: Last Chance To Vote!

As many of you will know, and in fact; many of you are responsible for------ For the second year in a row, Kid In The Front Row has been nominated for a Weblog 'Bloggie' Award. I am up for 'Best Entertainment Blog'.

If you could vote for me, at this site, - I'd be truly honoured. Winning it last year brought a lot of new readers here from all around the world. A blog like this is much like an independent film; the only way people find out about it is word of mouth. I celebrate cinema, writing and creativity in a way that is seldom given voice in the mainstream. The more you support blogs like this, the more we get into the consciousness of the wider artistic community. That's something to aim for. If you can take thirty seconds to vote for me on the site, I'd really appreciate it.


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