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Saturday 9 October 2010

The X-FACTOR Comes Alive!

Well, I was wrong. There was me thinking 'The X Factor' was just another bullshit reality show, peddling bullshit acts into the mainstream; convincing the UK that talent is a cool 'image' and the right branding and management. But it turns out I was wrong; this isn't just glorified karaoke; they have real talent!

Check out this incredible act from tonight's show. WOW!

When did this JOY and ENERGY disappear from music? When will we ever see this again? Why aren't we looking for THIS when we listen to modern music? When, as the general public, will we stop listening to the horseshit we're being fed by the 'music' industry?


  1. In answer to all of your closing questions: When education stops being "for a job only"; when people feel that thinking outside the box is not "politically incorrect"; when people arrive at opinions on there own instead of borrowing from others and calling them "theirs"; when the past is again considered "classic" instead of "old"; when knowledge for knowledge sake is once again highly regarded rather than ignored as inconsequential; when cookie-cutter existences are no longer fashionable; and so forth...

  2. you have interesting commentators here :) just saying