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Friday 17 September 2010

How Are You?

I feel I've been a bit out of touch recently, only turning up occasionally to dump out a few articles. Thinking back just a few months - I felt a lot more connected to the community of readers and bloggers here and on the Facebook page.

And I want to get that back.

So please; tell me what's going on with you. What projects are you working on? How is life? I'd prefer for this to be personal and heartfelt rather than a link-to-projects-a-thon; but other than that, I look forward to reading the comments and catching up with you all.

As for me, I am in early pre-production of a feature film I am writing and directing. It's a drama, with some comedy. I am also going through an intense stage of tea drinking, not sure what's brought that on. My mood has been slightly more grumpy and moody than usual; but often with moments of clarity and inspiration. I also made friends with two magnificent German people and two inspiring Belarusians all in the last week.

So, tell me about your life! The comments section can be our online coffee house catch up. (And if you're new here - please introduce yourself..)


  1. I'm new here I love the blog! I have been reading all the archives.

    I am thinking of studying a screenwriting course am going to decide too. I drink too much tea as well ;)

  2. I'm getting down to the end of my TIFF 2010 experience, and while I've seen some truly wonderful films (and still have many wonderful titles yet to come) I won't lie - I'm dog tired!

    Still, given the choice between the annual bit of cinematic nirvana and the extra sleep, I'd choose the former...every time.

  3. Here's to hoping your absence was due to being busy!
    Short-time reader... thanks for finding me somehow on Wordpress, that I in turn follow you. I may not share often and not always about the craft or film, but it's there.
    Going into production? That's fantastic. Godspeed with that.
    Less "what's been up," as it is an intro. I'm getting around to focusing on what I had intended to 10 years ago, that of screenwriting and filmmaking. A few things I'm working on, just have to find the time. That time, will likely be plenty in a few weeks, when I move back to Los Angeles after 3 years away. Desperately avoiding finding a job.
    At any rate, I do enjoy your spot here and although I don't contribute much on my page on matters of film, I do try to lend my (limited) knowledge of the industry when I can to others, as I frequent more than a couple screenwriting and film blogs. Can't help you with agents or producers, but I do know a thing or two.
    Again, greetings.

  4. Hi Kid! :)

    I'm sorry you feel out of touch, and moody. I feel out of touch, too...

    Just started blogging again after five months of silence! I feel guilty for not keeping in touch with people. For not answering emails, or reading anyone else's writing. And then coming back, like anyone should care.

    I'm not sure what's wrong with me. A friend died in April, and I just didn't want to talk to anyone, online or off. Went through the whole summer, feeling numb, and not writing, blogging, anything.

    Now I feel like I've just been let out of a cage.

    I'm giddy. Acting immature, and feeling filthy minded. Not sure what's going on with me! ;)

    I just know I'm ready to start writing again. And ready to start talking again, to people online; to fellow writers, to fellow movie lovers. To people in my real life.

    Gosh, the other day I called my father just because I wanted to hear his voice, you know? I think there's an album (by explosions in the sky) entitled, Suddenly I Miss Everyone I Know. And that's how I feel!

    Well, I hope you enjoy your tea. And I hope your mood lightens. And I bet it's exciting, being in the film business! Writing, and directing...that's wonderful!! You're so talented. Best of luck with it, and with everything. :)

    As for my project: I'm trying to make myself put all my poetry into a collection, and enter it in the Walt Whitman contest. I probably won't. But I want to.

  5. Workin on that last year of college, FINALLY starting to make some headway on the novel. Hope you've been busy with awesome film-rtelated activities!!

  6. Hello All! It's great to hear from you all - some old friends, some new - some finding their way back to dreams from years ago, some pushing ahead bravely with a little fear in their minds but hope in their hearts, with tea being drunk and college being completed... it's inspiring!

    Ginger - I am very sorry to hear about your friend. What was his/her name? I'd love it if you could tell us something about them. You've no need to apologise for your silence or explain it - it is what it is, and it sounds like you need it. I think in society we expect people to have answers, and opinions, and goals, and we marginalize the importance of silence, grieving, feeling, wondering, wandering-- or whatever else it may have been. You seem to have come back with much energy and a curious lively soul so it seems to me that the silence was a wonderful thing!

    I hope some more people respond to this...

  7. Hey man - im lookin' forward to London Film festival and, having already put my name in the ballot, im hoping 127 Hours comes up.

    Jo and I are still doing our podcast - have you been listening? - and I am still intent on setting up a London Bloggers gathering!

    Watching alot of Pedro Almodovar and Shane Meadows.


  8. Hi. I've read your blog on and off for a while. I think it's pretty adorable that you're asking about your readers. It's sweet, and it definitely makes the blog feel more personal.

    I'm doing my best in a return to artistic endeavors. I seem to cyclically move like that, but I always get so upset after returning from a long downswing of lack of active participation and work. I've been trying to get back into film and screenwriting, and reading my neglected blogroll has helped a lot with that - puts me in the mind set, makes me feel a part of the community again. Trying to get back into my own blog is the same way.

    I'm also trying to do the same with the theatre world, though honestly, I don't think there are many theatre or playwriting blogs that interest me in the same way film blogs do. Somehow the mediums don't seem to mesh as well, but perhaps I'm being narrow minded. I probably am.

    I'm sorry. I babble horribly. But horray for tea! I had a tea period as well, and still have lots of tea to drink, still peruse thrift shops for tea pots and sets. It's nice, tea is. So horray!

    And congratulations on your feature.

    And Ginger, go for the poetry collection and submission, definitely. At the very least, it will make you feel good and active; Like you're trying to do something with your art rather than let it dust and fade in the sun. This is advice I wish I would take for myself.

  9. Hi Kid, nice to see you again! That's so exciting that you're in preproduction for a feature.

    At the moment uni is pretty hectic- more so because I've somehow landed two internships and my first paying news job. It's weird because I'm in my second year of a five year degree and I assumed I wouldn't be employable for at least another four years.

    Internship one is with an excellent music critic- I had an Almost Famous moment last week when I went to a gig with him and we got to go backstage and meet everyone. Internship two is with a film magazine- so that's been pretty cool, I've been able to interview a few filmmakers and screenwriters.

    It's a shame you've been grumpy! If you were a woman, I might suggest chocolate or angry chick rock. You could try them anyway...

  10. Good to see you back at it online. It's been curiously quiet on FB without the updates and things from the Front Row. Seen any good films recently?

    As for me, blogging is sort of taking a pause while I adjust to living in the UK. Arrived just yesterday and am busy about the city getting registered for school, making sure to buy a kettle for tea and such. Making new friends and finding my way around. Now, am just tucked in with Frasier episodes and trying to adjust to the time change! I'm all out of whack.

    Congrats on working on your feature. A big 2010 project - we all wish you well with it.

  11. Life has been a cruel mistress, thanks for asking.

  12. Ah, I'm good. I've had about an audition a day and I booked two new IMDB-worthy credits in two weeks, so I'm happy. And I've been eating a lot of homemade split pea soup. It's SO cheap! =)

  13. I've just picked the first figs I've ever grown, and they were delicious - but hoping the crop is larger than 2 next year. Graduating in a month, and then the shorts I've written will go out into the world. In development with a feature, and writing some other shorts while trying to have a life. I've taken a recent liking to Darjeeling rather than my usual English Breakfast. If you're looking for a fascinating film, I can recommend the stonkingly good, Winter's Bone. The sound of that chainsaw will haunt me, like the dribbling blood into a bucket from Let The Right One In. Stay cosy - Autumn approaches.

  14. You're sweet to ask.

    Her name was Mary. She had the most horrible funereal I've ever witnessed. A solid hour of fire and brimstone screaming/insanity. A sermon! And all I wanted to do was run up to the pulpit and grab the microphone from the creepy pastor, and say, "She was always nice to everyone, and I'll miss her."