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Wednesday 4 August 2010

LARRY CROWNE - Written By, Directed By and starring TOM HANKS - Coming Soon

Over a year ago I wrote an article about Tom Hanks in which I broke down his career into what I felt were three distinct sections. The early comedies (The Burbs, Big,) his masterpieces (Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan,) and the average period (The Da Vinci Code, The Terminal.) At the end, I said, "Whatever happens, I feel that we are now approaching chapter four. His next few decisions will determine the rest of his career. I just hope he takes some risks."

While seeing him in yet another Da Vinci snore could be seen as an extension of his average period, I am extremely excited about 'LARRY CROWNE' a low-fi drama comedy which he wrote, directed and is also the star, along with 'Charlie Wilson's War' co-star Julia Roberts.

Tom Hanks the writer/director. This really excites me. 'THAT THING YOU DO' was a perfect little film - it was pure joy. Hanks has expressed disappointment with it on numerous occasions which is perhaps why it has taken him another fourteen years to direct a film, although I think his helming of the masterful 'Crossroads' episode in 'BAND OF BROTHERS' will have gone a long way to reassuring himself that he has the skill to be a great director.

I think Tom Hanks is a perfect role model. I've always admired his incredible mix of humor, curiosity, and passion -- it seeps into his work in a natural and believable way that few other people in the history of film have managed. I hope 'LARRY CROWNE' is a success. I hope this is what chapter four is going to be; the beginning of a long career as a writer, director and actor. I think the world of film needs more of this kind of Tom Hanks. 'LARRY CROWNE' is currently in post-production.


  1. Age mellows a man. Remember "run, Forrest, run"? He was still fairly active in Saving Private Ryan, but after that all his running was pretty much indoors (The Da Vinci Code, The Terminal). It's like the old joke about the 2 bulls walking down the hill instead of running...

  2. Let me tell you Kid, I've read this script and it was one of the most endearing, delightful things I've ever read in my three years as a script reader. When I was done I wanted to give it a hug. I'm not sure the world has time for something so sweet and innocent anymore and that's a shame but I really can't wait for this movie.

    I'd also thrown The Terminal in with the masterpieces. I love that movie.

  3. Mike, I agree re: the screenplay, a big reason for my high hopes..! I didn't love The Terminal though, I thought some bits were hilarious but I didn't buy the romance at all!

  4. I've always loved Tom Hanks. Wonderful actor and seems like a genuinely nice guy. And I'm with Mike on The Terminal--very sweet film.

    Larry Crowne seems like an interesting film (looking at those on-set pictures Hanks tweeted during filming) and I hope it turns out to be a film Hanks can be proud of. Like you, I also love That Thing You Do and is disappointed to learn that Hanks is displeased with the film.