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Friday 16 April 2010

Part-Time Insomiac

Im not an insomniac. I do sleep. It's just that I sleep from about 4.46am until 8.07am, waking up twice to jot down a great idea which turns out to not be a great idea. I look at my notes the next day, "film. horror. of running not particular." Sure, great idea. Get those oscars ready.

If only I could spend these hours doing something constructive, like writing a script. Instead I find myself laying in bed at 3.34am pondering:

"Who invented the word invention? And why? How did they invent it? What came first, the invention of the word invention, or the knowledge that a word for inventing needed the be invented?"

Strange. Anyway, it's only 1.44am now. It's not insomnia yet, everyone is still on Facebook.


  1. I always wake up, write down an idea for the next cinematic masterpiece, then wake up two hours later to find I actually wrote a synopsis for Pineapple Express.

    Invention, I assume, was invented by Nikolai Tesla, like every other thing ever. Probably.

  2. So apparently we have the same sleep schedule.