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Tuesday 9 February 2010

Wanted: Young Naive Idiot For Great Film Job - UNPAID.

We are a wonderful, brilliant and exciting company with a slate of commercials, films and TV shows in production.

We are looking for a young, enthusiastic, dynamic youth to do all of our work for us, especially the really annoying stuff like moving things into other rooms and labelling boxes and making our coffee and getting our lunches and delivering things across town. This is a really great chance if you want to get into movies but an even better chance if you want to get into moving boxes.

Unfortunately, as this is the entertainment industry, we are unable to pay. But don't worry, everyone started there once, so it's okay. Oh and for those of you going on about 'Minimum Wage' we don't need to pay anyone because we just used the word intern. You will be an intern. This will give you great experience in internment.


  1. So true. Sad and true.

  2. Sigh. I'm curious about your take on actors who work for free...I stopped doing that long ago but some of my friends still do. I just shake my head...the "copy for reel" that they are promised in return for payment, they rarely get.

  3. It bugs me when people get sucked into this kinda stuff. I've done free PA work and honestly... I've seen nothing from it. Not that I want to be a PA or even move up the ladder, so maybe that's why, but it's draining and degrading, and there's always a few assholes that will treat you with no respect.

    However, I do know what it's like to fund a project by yourself and not be able to pay even the DP. It stinks. I don't BS people - If I post an ad looking for free help, I say that it's free and I don't promise a copy of the DVD in a way that makes it seem like a treasure. I've gotten many replies - mostly sound dudes - that would e-mail me and tell me off for asking for free help. Unnecessary! I'm sure you would like to get paid, so would I! I have bills too. If you don't want to help for free, then don't reply. What's the sense in being condescending?

  4. A great way to get people to give you a copy of the reel is to say you'll do their movie for free if they sign a contract you draw up in Word that says you will get the copy. They always give you a copy when you do that!