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Thursday 24 September 2009

Money and Old People.

So I booked a flight to New York, as many of you know. Problem is, I don't yet have accommodation. Even more of a problem, is that I don't have any money. It's entirely my fault as I have not been doing enough projects that yield immediate income. Not only that, but I am owed a heap of money from various places and they have yet to pay up. These are from both industry and non-industry sources. And now I'm kind of laughing, because the way I described that makes me sound like a drug dealer.

So I need money. Like, right now. Maybe I'll do an old fashioned car boot sale like these fine ladies below.

Although I can't quite figure out what's for sale -- is it the Grandma sitting in the middle? Maybe I could sell old people. That's it. Okay. If any of you have access to any old people who may be worth money, please let me know -- and I shall sell them.

Old people aside - I welcome your ideas for how to become swiftly rich.


  1. This quite funny...not rolling on the floor with laughter but chuckle inducing. You could be a temp maybe. A thief. A babysitter. An assassin.

    And what is for sale?

  2. Why do I feel like since I wrote a few comedy articles the other week now everyone is judging how funny I am? I'm not trying to be funny, I'm just looking for ways to steal money.

    Anyways, this is the thing, i don't have much to sell. I have a screenwriting book signed by the author to someone called 'linda'. You could buy that.

    I would be an assassin but I hear they often work for twelve hours without a break. Temping doesn't really fit as I am busy over the next few weeks, but not every day.

  3. I'm already dating all of the old people I know that have money. Sorry.

  4. I got suckered in to commenting on this post.

    You can have my grandma. Just make sure she's quiet or you won't have any takers. And don't mention Obama, red, Biden's wife, or Baptists.

    I'm all about some money making schemes. The thing is, no one ever wants to do them. You could strip, babysit, have a kissing booth, sell your pants on ebay.

    P.S. - I'M totally judging you.

  5. DUDE only sex makes money. sell sex.

  6. Now if you were going to L.A. you could sell your soul...