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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Off Plus Camera 2010: International Festival Of Independent Cinema.

Film festivals in Poland are great. First, you need to find the well hidden directions.

Then you need to head up the steps of a fascinating old building.

You head up a variety of staircases, feeling like you've trespassed somewhere by mistake.

And finally, at last, you see a screen and know a movie is about to commence.

This is the Off Plus Camera 2010 International Festival Of Independent Cinema, in Krakow, Poland, and it ends today.


  1. Sorry, but its a shit what youre writing here.
    I'm russian and I came to Cracov to spend there a few fantastic days and I DON'T regret anything.
    Thats a pity, that you didnt write anything about great artist who were f.ex. in jury (Mike Figgis, John Cooper, Zbigniew Preisner and more). I can only recommend:
    And the reality really doesnt look like in your pics haha

  2. Hey there - I think you have misinterpreted the meaning of my article here. I wasn't in town for the festival, I happened across it by accident - I only got to see one film, and it was a great venue, in this wonderful little screening room. I really enjoyed it and this post is meant to show my singular experience, and hint at how charming and wonderful Krakow is. It wasn't about reviewing the festival as a whole.

    Am glad you had such a great time though, I wish I was there for the whole thing and next year I think I will!